06 September, 2006

It's Going to Be a Long Season

Hockey Canada has followed the NHL's lead in asking referees to crack down on obstruction and stick fouls this winter which means that it's going to make for a long season for me and my collegues.

15 August, 2006

Survey says...

As I wrote on Ross' blog, we should all have a go at this thing. Here's mine, feel free to respond with your own answers:

1. Have you ever been in a fantasy league?

I have, and I don't think I'm going to do it again. Every time I play a fantasy game, whether it was the old VGM on nba.com, or Yahoo's Fantasy NBA league (which I've done for the last two consecutive years), I always run out of gas on it after the All-Star break. Also, I'm done with the NCAA bracket pool, as it wrecked every win that I picked incorrectly, and actually had me rooting for Duke (Duke!) this year. That's just wrong.

2. What was the first jersey you ever owned?
I think I owned a late 80's Flames road jersey with no number on it when I was in grade four (go ahead with your "Chris is old" jokes—I'm ready for them). I would have had Nieuwendyk on the back though, if possible. First basketball jersey was Phoenix Suns home Kevin Johnson jersey, replica by Champion.

3. Top 5 sports books (in no order)
I don't read a lot of sports books, unless I'm getting them for free to review. With that said...

1. Inside the Cage, by Wight Martindale, Jr.
The most recently read, but a great look at a summer spent in NYC playing basketball on one of the world's most famous blacktops. Also follows the burgeoning career of the pride of West 4th, a young kid named Smush Parker, who blew up with the Lakers this year.
2. When Nothing Else Matters: Michael Jordan's last comeback, by Michael Leahy (no relation to Jim, of Sunnyvale Trailer Park fame).
Extensive coverage of Jordan's tenure with the Wizards, including management days, the comeback and just how ugly it got. Shows Jordan to be a bit of a dick, who lost his power when his game wasn't where it was in 1998.

That's all I've got right now. Sad, no? Yes. It is. I wanted to mention one book that I really want to read, it's one I got Danny for Christmas this past year. How Hoosiers went hip hop, by Jon Wertheim.

4. 10 favorite athletes (in no real order)
Michael Jordan
Vince Carter (mostly based on past performances—anything from his pre-nike days, up to the 2000 Olympics)
Magic Johnson
LeBron James
Wayne Gretzky
Steve Nash
Chris Webber (young)
The Rock (he counts, right?)
Dwyane Wade
Junior Cadougan (wait, you'll see)

5. Three Athletes I secretly admire but am ashamed to admit it for fear of ridicule

1. Andrei Kirilenko (don't care enough to check if his name is spelled properly): Insane overall game. Too bad he's such a nerd and plays for Utah.
2. Jeff Stork: hahahhaha, just kidding.
3. I think I'm pretty honest about athletes I admire, regardless of who they are. I'll leave three open. And two for that matter, as there's no admiration there. At all.

6. Tag!
If you haven't filled this out, you're it.

30 June, 2006

You haven't lived until....

You've seen this

With the 20th pick, the New York Knicks select...

os, I asked for footage of this yesterday, turns oout it just took an extra day to show up on YouTube. We're going to break this down for you with three different camera angles and everything. The first is the ESPN feed. It's a little long, but don't turn it off until after Jay Bilas and the boys finish calling Balkman a 2nd round talent and saying that no one else would have taken him:

Also take note of the classy "Fire I-say-ah" chant to start the draft. Rolls off the tongue much better than "Fi-yer Lay-Den".

Now, let's go to the fan-cams:

This one goes through an interesting array of emotions:

Stern emerges, and the booing begins. Are they booign Stern? or Are they booing the Knicks because they know they'll fuck up?

Stern announces there is a trade, Knicks fans boo thinking it's their pick. Cause, you know, they want Marcus Williams.

The trade is between Philly and Chicago, Knicks fans settle down.

Stern starts to announce the 20th pick... spattered cheering before being hushed to hear the pick.


This stuff makes me laugh so hard.

29 June, 2006


Shawn Marion + Leandro Barbosa for Dirk?

My favourite is tha part about Crown and Coke. Also, if anyone can find footage of the Knicks picking Renaldo Balkman last night, link me up.